H-Wash Shouldersink


Mobile Handwashing Station – Shouldersink

The H-WASH Shouldersink is always by your side! This compact hand-washing unit is the perfect solution to give you effective hand-washing facilities wherever you go.

Compact All-in-one unit.

The all-in-one unit, contains clean water, soap, paper towel, hand-gel and a waste bin. Using the handle, or shoulder-strap it is easy to take it wherever you are. Alternatively fix it to a wall or in your vehicle with our wall bracket.

Protect your health, protect your hands.

Using soap and water is proven to be the most effective method of hand hygiene. Coupled with this, it leaves your hands feeling refreshed rather than dried out from other forms of hand sanitisation.

Examples of where H-WASH Shouldersink be used:

  • Days out and camping
  • At school
  • Inside any van or truck
  • On construction sites
  • In the factory or warehouse
  • Remote work places (e.g. mines,

    oil rigs)


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