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About Waterboy

The Waterboy HotWash comes in different sizes and the most commonly requested units for stables/yards, calf feed mix etc are the 6L/min and 11L/min units. The 6L and 11L indicate the throughput of water in Litres per minute.

The Waterboy HotWash is fuelled from Propane bottled gas and DO NOT have a pilot flame, the heating is only activated when the water is switched on.
If used in an enclosed unventilated area, because of CO2 emissions, it would be important to flue the units to the outside. A galvanized housing is available for outdoor installations.

Waterboy Cold Wash 85 Litre
capacity, 12V Battery Operated.
This is a unit that can be fitted into the front of your horse-box.
It has a 100PSI pump & is very effective.
As standard it comes with 6mtr hose & spray head, mains charger and mounting bracket for the trailer. Dimensions: 600mm wide x 240mm deep x 900mm high

The WATERBOY BOOTBOY. This is a more manageable cold wash (50Ltr) unit that can fit easily into the boot of a car, jeep, van or truck. It comes with a 12Volt plug-in to work off the vehicle battery and is supplied complete with a hose and spray gun.

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